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Find all the information you need to help you buy, sell, register, and title a car. Check out the topics below to learn about the steps and requirements in your state.

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Most Popular Car Registration Guides

Check out the most popular guides related to your vehicle registration & title.

How to Apply for a New Registration

Learn all about the steps and requirements to register and title a vehicle in your state. Find out everything you need to know before you visit the DMV office.

Renew Your Car Registration

Don’t forget to renew your tags! Learn about your renewal options and whether or not you’ll be able to avoid a trip to the DMV. You may be able to renew your registration online.

Title Transfer Guide

Learn how to properly transfer the title when you buy, sell, gift, or donate a vehicle.

Free VIN Decoder

Shopping around for a used car? Don’t forget to check the VIN. Use this free Vehicle Identification Number Lookup and Decoder to get started.

Car Registration

A valid registration, license plates, and stickers is required to keep your car road-ready. Learn all about important registration topics below.

New Registration

When buying a vehicle or moving to a new state, you’ll need to complete a new registration. Find all the steps for your state here.

Registration Renewal

Most states require vehicle owners to renew their plates annually. Learn how to renew your registration as easily as possible.

Smog Checks & Inspections

Depending on where you live, you may need to pass an inspection as part of the registration process.

Lost Registration

If your registration documents or license plates stickers are lost, stolen, or damaged, you’ll want to replace them as soon as possible Find out how.

Senior Vehicle Registration

Some states offer discounted registration fees to elderly drivers. Find out if your qualify.

Plates & Tags

Find out what you need to know about license plates and stickers for your vehicle.

DMV Address Change

When you move, you’ll need to be sure to update your vehicle registration address with the DMV.

Returning License Plates

If you sell your car or move to a different state, there may be requirements regarding your old license plates.

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Vehicle Titles

The car title, or pink slip, is an important document that serves as proof that you are the true owner of the vehicle. Learn all you need to know about vehicle titles and completing title-related tasks correctly.

Title Transfer

Title transfers can seem complicated if you’ve never done one before. Learn about the steps to follow and requirements for both the buyer and seller.

Duplicate Title

If you’ve lost your vehicle title, you should request a duplicate as soon as possible.


After you pay off your car loan, you’ll be able to remove the lienholder from the title.

Out-of-State Title Transfer

If you moved to a new state or are purchasing a vehicle out of state, you may have a few additional steps to complete your title transfer.

Salvage Titles

A salvage title is something that indicates a vehicle may have had major damages or repairs. Find the details here.

Title Brands

Aside from salvage titles, there are other types of title brands you should know about. Find out what each one means.


Registration & title tasks simplified. Take the guesswork out of keeping your plates up-to-date and your vehicle records in order.

Car Buying & Selling

There’s a lot to know when it comes to buying and selling a car. Learn everything you need to know, plus find some tips on getting the best deal.

Used Car Buying

Learn about the process for buying a used car and getting the best deal possible.

Used Car Buying

Find a list of useful questions to ask when shopping for a used car.

Used Car Selling

Learn about the paperwork and documents you’ll need to sell your car privately.

Vehicle History Report

The vehicle history report is an important document when buying or selling a used car. Learn all about it here.

Bill of Sale

Fill out a free Bill of Sale form and print out copies to use for your records.

Notice of Sale and Release of Liability

If you’ve sold your vehicle, you may be required to notify the DMV.

Odometer Disclosure

Find out about the odometer disclosure requirements for selling your vehicle.

VIN Verifications

When you buy a vehicle from another state, you’ll often need to complete a VIN inspection before you can register it.

Handbooks & Forms

Find links to your state’s official DMV forms for registration & title.

DMV Directory

Find links, phone numbers, and information for the licensing and vehicle agencies in all 50 states.

Vehicle Ownership

Owning a vehicle involves a lot more than the title and registration. Check out some popular topics below.

Car Warranties

What exactly does a car warranty cover? Find out here.

Save Money on Gas

When gas prices are high, it pays to know how to save at the pump and improve your vehicle’s gas mileage.

What to do if your car is broken into?

Has your car been vandalized or stolen? Learn about the next steps to take.

Vehicle Maintenance

Keeping your car maintained is an important part of vehicle ownership. Learn how to find a good mechanic for service and repairs.

Roadside Assistance

Is your car’s battery dead? Learn how to jump start it and get it going again.

Tire Safety Guide

Replacing tires, maintaining the right tire pressure, fixing flats. Find it here in our tire guide.

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