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DMV Road Signs Practice Test


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For the DMV Written Test Including Road Signs:

  • Average Questions:33
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  • Passing Score:80%

*Details vary by state

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Each test contains questions based on information in the official driver’s handbook for 2023.

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Learning to recognize and comprehend road signs is an important part of safe driving.

Knowing the road signs is also a part of passing the DMV written test you’ll need to take in order to get your driver’s license.

This page and the free road sign practice test above will help you learn to recognize the traffic signs so you can pass your DMV test on the first try. 

DMV Road Sign Chart

Use the chart below to help you quickly study the road signs for your permit test.

DMV Road Sign Chart

Check out some more useful road sign guides:

About the DMV Road Signs Test

Depending on the state you live in, the road signs test questions may be part of the knowledge test or given as a separate set of road signs questions.

Like the knowledge test, road signs questions will typically be multiple choice.

In some states, you must score a perfect score on the road sign test in order to move on to the next section. In others, a passing score of 80% is generally required.

Types of Road Signs on the DMV Test

The main types of road signs you’ll need to be aware of are regulatory road signs, warning road signs, and informational road signs.

You can use this page to study some of the most common types of regulatory and warning road signs. 

Check out our free DMV road sign study guide to learn more about road signs and their meanings.

Regulatory Road Signs

Regulatory road signs communicate the rules, regulations, and laws of the road. If you fail to follow these types of traffic signs, you can receive a traffic ticket. 

Stop Sign

stop sign

When you see this road sign, you must come to a complete stop at the white limit line or before the intersection. 

Yield Sign

yield sign

A yield sign requires you to yield the right of way to any traffic that is already on the roadway which you are entering. 

No Parking

no parking sign

A no parking sign means you cannot park your car where the sign indicates. Some no parking signs will include time frames which it must be obeyed, others do not allow parking at any time.

Speed Limit Sign

speed limit sign

Speed limit signs indicate the maximum speed limit allowed for the road or freeway where they are posted. Going much faster or slower than the speed limit can result in a traffic ticket. 

Lane Control Sign

lane control sign

Lane control signs are often found at multi-lane intersections and indicate which lanes allow for driving in certain directions. Some lanes only allow for turns, others allow for turning or going straight. 

Warning Road Signs

Warning road signs warn drivers of potential hazards and dangerous driving conditions. Warning road signs are meant to keep you alert. You should pay attention to them in order to drive safely. 

Regulatory Device Ahead

regulatory device ahead

These types of warning road signs indicate that a regulatory sign is coming up that may require you to stop, slow down, or yield. 

Railroad Crossing Sign

railroad crossing

Railroad crossing signs indicate that a railroad track is coming up. Stay alert for barricades and oncoming trains. 

Road Conditions Warning Sign

road conditions sign

Road condition warning signs are used to warn drivers of potentially hazardous road conditions. Sometimes they include the recommended speed limit you should use in a turn or curve. These types of signs are used to communicate upcoming turns in the road, intersections, directions of traffic, narrow roads, and more.

Animal Crossing Signs

crossing sign

Crossing warning signs warn drivers of things or people that may enter the roadway. Crossing signs can be used to indicate possible pedestrians crossing, wild animals crossing, farm animals crossing, and farm equipment crossing. Stay extra alert when driving around this type of road sign, as a hazard could appear at any moment. 

Informational Road Signs

Information road signs are used to communicate to drives of upcoming services, locations, and destinations along the road.

Examples include hospital signs, emergency services, gas station signs, and food and dining.


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