Wisconsin DOT Registration Renewal Options & Overview


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On this page you’ll find an overview of the car registration renewal process in Wisconsin.

Learn about aspects of your car registration and renewal options including:

  • Fees, forms, and links. 
  • Methods of renewing your registration. 
  • Renewal Reminders.
  • Grace periods for expired tags. 
  • Types of renewal terms.

What do I Need to Renew my Registration?

No matter which method you choose to renew your vehicle registration, here is the information and items you’ll want to have on hand:

  • Your current registration card.
  • Your registration renewal notice, if applicable. 
  • Your license plate number. 
  • Your VIN.
  • Your driver’s license number. 
  • Your address.
  • Payment for your renewal fees.

The Wisconsin DOT will also notify you if you need to complete any of the following before you process your renewal:

  • Smog checks or emissions inspections. 
  • Vehicle safety inspections. 
  • VIN verifications. 

If you’ve moved, it’s also a good idea to process your DOT address change before it’s time to renew your registration. Otherwise, you may have to visit your local DOT office to complete the renewal before your registration expires.

How Long is Vehicle Registration Good for in Wisconsin?

Your car registration is valid for 1 year. 

Wisconsin Registration Renewal Notice

You will be sent a renewal notice about 1 month before your registration expires.

You can choose to receive your renewal reminder electronically if you’d like to go paperless. 

Wisconsin Car Registration Renewal Grace Period

If you do not renew by the day of your expiration, you will be charged a late fee.

Where to Renew Wisconsin Vehicle Registration

Depending on the type of vehicle you have, you have the option to renew your registration:

  • Through the Wisconsin DOT.


  • With an authorized third-party.

If you decide to renew your registration with an authorized DOT partner, you’ll typically have to pay an extra processing fee, but these services often get your registration processed more quickly and take some of the hassle out of the transaction. 

How to Renew Car Registration in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, your options for renewing your vehicle registration include:

  • Online.
  • By mail.
  • Or with a third-party agent.

How to Renew Car Registration Online in Wisconsin

To renew online, you’ll need:

  • Your plate number.
  • Your ZIP code.
  • Payment for your renewal fees.

When Will I Receive my New Tags?

After you renew your registration by mail or online, your updated registration tags will be sent out in the mail. 

After you pay for the renewal, you’ll receive a receipt, which can be used as proof of valid registration until your updated documents get there.

Typically, you can expect to receive your new license plate stickers and registration card within about 10 days to a few weeks. 

You can contact the Wisconsin DOT to check on the status of your registration renewal. 

How Much is a Wisconsin Car Registration Renewal?

Your registration fees will depend on the a few different factors including:

  • The type of vehicle and its intended use. 
  • The gross vehicle weight rating.
  • Whether or not it is an electric vehicle. 
  • The type of license plates you have. 
  • The registration term you’ve applied for. 
  • Local taxes and fees.
  • Late fees for lapsed registrations.

Registration fees can go down over time as your vehicle gets older.

Please refer to your registration notice or the Wisconsin fee chart through the official link below.

Vehicle Registration & Car Insurance

You need to make sure your car is properly insured to avoid having your registration cancelled. 

If it’s time to renew your registration, it’s also a good time to compare car insurance quotes. 

Comparing quotes throughout the year can help you save money. 

You can switch your policy at any time, and there is no penalty for changing providers. 

Official Wisconsin DOT Registration Renewal Links & Forms

For official information and resources to renew your Wisconsin car registration, please visit the following link: https://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/online-srvcs/external/bvs-landing.aspx