How to Replace a Lost Car Registration


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If you’ve lost your car’s registration documents or car tags, you’ll want to get replacements as soon as possible. 

You can get pulled over for driving without valid and current license plate stickers, and you’ll need to provide your proof of registration if you’re ever pulled over by the police. 

Whether you’ve misplaced your documents, they became damaged, were stolen, or simply never arrived after you renewed your tags, it’s important that you request a duplicate. 

In most cases, you’ll be able to print out a receipt or registration card that will serve as proof of registration. Stickers and other documents that need to be sent in the mail should arrive within a couple weeks. 

These pages will provide you with a simple overview of the process for replacing your registration with your state’s DMV. 

We’ll simplify the steps you need to take, quickly show you what options you have for completing this task, and share some of the fees you can expect to pay. 

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