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What is the Dash Cam Insurance Discount?

Currently, there is no dash cam discount for car insurance premiums.

However, having dash cams or systems like Subaru Eyesight on your vehicle may benefit your insurance policy in other ways. 

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How Can a Dash Camera Help with Car Insurance?

While there is no direct insurance discount for installing a dash camera on your car, it might help you in a different way. 

If you’re involved in an accident and you’re not at fault, dash cam footage can be used to help your claim and protect you from liability if the other driver tries to wrongly blame you. 

Dash cams can also be good deterients for car theft and vandalism – things your insurance provider may only cover if you’ve opted for comprehensive or full coverage. 

Additionally, dash cams, backup cameras, and systems like Eyesight can help you avoid collisions while you drive. 

In addition to performing your standard head checks into your blind spots and using your mirrors, dash cams can quickly alert you to potential hazards on the road. 

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