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What do yellow curbs mean?

What do yellow curbs mean?

  1. Loading zone.
  2. Handicap parking.
  3. Fire hydrant. 
  4. Emergency parking only.

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The answer is: A. Loading zone.

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Explanation: Yellow-painted Curbs

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The color painted onto a curb alongside of the road communicates whether or not you can park there and what type of parking is allowed. 

A yellow curb is used to indicate a loading zone for passengers or cargo. 

When you see a yellow curb, you are typically allowed to park there only as long as it takes for you to pick up or drop off passengers or freight. 

Additionally, you’ll typically need to be actively loading. This means you cannot park at a yellow curb to pick up someone an hour from now.

Parking in a way that violates what is allowed by the color of the curb can result in a parking ticket or your car being towed.

You can find more information about this topic in the road markings and parking section of your driver’s handbook.

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