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Prepare for Your 2024 Written Knowledge Exam!

Use our free DMV practice tests to help you study.

Driver’s License Practice Test

Get started with the original DMV practice from Questions and answers based on the official driver’s handbook for 2024. Receive instant feedback and take as many tests as you need.

Learner’s Permit Practice Test​

Based on the same set of DMV questions and answers with more questions per test. Get more practice with working through a longer test.

Right of Way Rules

Learn all about the right of way rules at different types of intersections, stop signs, yield signs, and crosswalks. Test your knowledge by answering right of way questions based on real-world scenarios.

Road Sign Practice Test

Learn to identify the many different types of road signs that may show up on your written exam. Based on a large database of regulatory signs, warning signs, guide signs, and more. Unlimited test versions to practice.

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Free DMV Practice Tests

There’s a variety of different practice tests to choose from depending on what type of license you’re applying for and how you like to study. Take as many tests as you need to, you’ll get a new version each time. Our database of 1,000s of DMV questions and answers is available to help you prepare – all for free.

Driver’s License

Whether you’re a new driver or moving to a new state, this DMV practice test will get you ready for the written exam in no time.

Learner’s Permit

More questions to practice so that new drivers can get the practice they need to really learn the material from the driver handbook.

Driver’s License Renewal

If you need to take the written test when you renew your license it’s a good idea to brush up on your knowledge.

Drugs & Alcohol

These questions are specific to information from the driver handbook related to drugs and alcohol and driving.

Road Signs

Do you know what each sign means? Study the DMV road signs in a multiple choice format.

Knowledge Exam with Road Signs

Take a practice test that contains both handbook questions and road signs.

Motorcycle Endorsement

Take a practice test for your motorcycle endorsement. Questions and answers based on the official motorcycle handbook.

Motorcycle Permit

Get more practice for your motorcycle permit with a longer test. Instant feedback. Unlimited attempts.

Commercial Driver’s License

Free practice tests for your CDL and CDL endorsements.

DMV Practice Tests in Spanish

Find all of our free DMV practice tests and study resources in Spanish.

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State-Specific Practice Tests

Select your state below for questions, answers, and information specific to where you live.

Study Guides

Reading through the driver handbook can be a little dull. Use these free study guides and resources to help you learn the information.

Driver’s Handbook

Study common topics, take notes, and print out a free PDF.

Road Signs

Find examples and definitions for all the road signs you might encounter on your written exam and while driving.

Questions & Answers

Find answers and detailed explanations for the written test questions that give you the most trouble.


A classic way to study in a modern format. Quiz yourself with DMV questions and answers on digital flashcards.


Free online resources you can use to feel confident about passing your exams on the first try. You got this!

DMV Test Tips & Information

Anticipation for the DMV tests can make any driver nervous. We’ll explain everything you need to know about your exams and provide you with some expert tips on how to pass.

DMV Driving Test & Written Exam FAQ

You probably have a lot of questions about your driver’s license exams. Luckily, you’re not alone. We’ve answered the most common questions here.

Is the Permit Test Hard?

It’s a common question we get. Find out just how hard the written test is and how to prepare for it.

Ace Your Written Test

If you want to pass your DMV written test the first time, you need to prepare. Start here.

Test Answers

Some of these signs have a high chance of appearing on your knowledge exam. Can you identify them?

Road Test

The road test is the final step before getting your full driver’s license. Find out what to expect.

Pass the Skills Test

The skills test can make new drivers even more nervous than the written exam. Learn how to pass.

Automatic Fails

Watch out for these common mistakes. These things can result in an automatic failure on your road test.

What to Do If You Fail?

If you failed the driving test, it’s not the end of the world. Here are the next steps to take to make sure you pass on your next try.

Does the DMV Take Walk-ins?

Do you need an appointment to take your road test? Find the answers here.

Easy DMV Locations

Are some DMV offices really easier to pass your driving tests than others? We did some investigating to find out.

Hand Signals

One of the first parts of your driving test involves demonstrating the correct hand signals. Learn what they are.

Motorcycle Skills Test

Riding a motorcycle is a lot different than driving a car. Find tips on how to pass your tests.

Learning to Drive

Learning to drive comes with a lot of responsibility. There’s a lot to know when you get behind the wheel. Check out some of the most popular topics below.

Learning to Drive

Start with the basics. Get some tips on how to drive a car for beginners.

Manual Transmission

Less common, but a good skill to have. Learn how to use a clutch and shift gears.

Driving Hand Positions

Learn where to place your hands and how to steer in order to control your vehicle safely.


Parking your car is a skill in itself. Find some expert tips here.

Parking on a Hill

There are specific rules to follow when parking your car uphill or down hill. Learn all about them.

Parallel Parking

Even experienced drivers dread parallel parking. Learn how to do it like a professional.

3-Point Turns

A 3-point turn is another important skill to have. Learn how to perform one.


A U-Turn is another common maneuver you need to know. Learn about the rules for U-Turns here.


A roundabout is a type of intersection that controls the flow of traffic in multiple directions. Learn all about it.

Changing Lanes

Knowing how to change lanes safely and properly is a very important skill to have. Find out the proper technique.

Adjusting Your Mirrors

Learn how to properly adjust your sideview and rearview mirrors for maximum visibility.

High Beam Headlights

A question about high beams often shows up on the knowledge test. Learn all about when and how to use them.

Cruise Control

Do you know how to use cruise control? Learn all about it.

Dashboard Lights

Your dashboard lights communicate important information about your vehicle. Find out what they mean.


Search. Evaluate. Execute. Do you know how to use the SEE system?

Fear of Driving

If you’re afraid to drive, you’re not alone. Find some tips on conquering your fears.

Driving in the City

City driving comes with its own set of hazards and challenges. Learn all about them.

Highway Driving

Learning how to drive on the highway is a big step for new drivers. Find some tips to help you learn.

Driving in the Snow

Winter driving can be dangerous. Learn how to drive safely on snow and ice.

Driving in the Rain

When the road is wet it’s easy to lose control of your vehicle. Find some tips for driving in rainy conditions.

Driving in Fog

Visibility is greatly reduced in foggy weather. Find out how you need to adjust your driving to stay safe.

Driving at Night

Driving at night is more dangerous than driving during the day. Find out why.

Rules of the Road

Every driver needs to learn and obey the rules of the road. Find out what they are.

Responsible Driving

Responsible drivers know how to stay safe when they get behind the wheel. Find out how you can be a better driver.

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