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Are you applying for your first driver’s license, transferring an out-of-state license, or renewing?

  • Prepare to take the written knowledge test!
  • Study the driver’s manual and take some online practice tests.
  • Be sure to arrive at the DMV with enough time to take your test (typically AT LEAST 30 minutes to one hour before closing).

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Even More Free Practice Tests to Get You Ready for Your DMV Exams!

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Free Driver’s Handbook Study Guides & Cheat Sheets

Use our free driver’s manual study guides to prepare for the official DMV written exam with ease. With our online practice test and study resources, you’ll be ready to ace the test on your first try. Skim through our general and state-specific study guides online OR print out a PDF version to take notes as your look through the official handbook.

Our DMV cheat sheets include:

  • Answers to some of the most common and tricky topics on the real DMV exam.
  • A glossary of traffic signs and their meanings.
  • Sections for notes to help make reading through the official driver’s handbook even more effective.

You’ll also find some free, printable driver’s license practice exams to help you really test your knowledge.

Resources, Tips, & Information You Need to Get Behind-the-Wheel Faster

Driver’s License Testing Information

Application Process & Requirements to Get a License

What is the Best Online Driver’s Ed Course?

Driving Safety Topics

Vehicle Ownership

DMV Handbooks & Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

DMV Written Test Questions & Answers

3 Easy Steps to Passing Your DMV Written Tests

1. Read & study the Department of Motor Vehicles or Department Public Safety’s Driver Manual for your state.

Every question on your state’s written driver’s license test will be based on information in the driver handbook.

2. Take as many free online practice driver’s license tests as you need to.

We’ve set up our free online driver’s license practice tests to be easy to use learning tools. 

Use our practice tests to learn and exam mode to test your knowledge.

3. Schedule an appointment and visit the DMV to take your test.

After taking some of our practice tests, you’ll feel confident enough to pass the real written driver’s license exam on your first try.

Contact your local DMV office to schedule your test.

The Best DMV Practice Tests You’ll Find

We know there’s a lot of options when it comes to preparing for your DMV written exams. Here’s why is your best choice:

  • Unlimited tests with our randomized question database. Study as much as you need to with a new version of the test each time.
  • Up-to-date state-specific questions, general knowledge questions, and road signs & traffic signals.
  • More resources to help you study – handbook study guides, printable cheat sheets, and printable practice tests you can take offline.
  • Different test modes to help you prepare – practice tests with instant feedback and DMV exam simulations to test your knowledge.
  • Practice tests for every license you may need – learner’s permits & driver’s licenses, motorcycle endorsements, and CDL & CDL endorsements.
  • Complete access to completely free practice tests and study resources – everything on is free to use. No unnecessary “premium” modes or subscription-based tests here.

Visitor Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what others have to say about free DMV practice tests.

So glad I found this website! I passed my knowledge test 100% on my first try. Thank you!

Claire, Utah

Easy to use. No annoying memberships or premium modes. Exactly what I was looking for.

Kevin, Texas

The practice tests and study guides made it really simple. Now I just need to pass my road test.

María, New York

Not sure where to start? That’s okay, we’ve got something for your bookmarks.

We’ve compiled frequently asked questions and answers about driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations in each state. You’ll also find links to important pages on the official Department of Motor Vehicles website in your state. And best yest – here you also can find all the state-specific resources for your license & vehicle.