¡I Can Drive!

¡I Can Drive!


Free practice tests for your driver’s license and learner’s permit!

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3 easy steps to passing your DMV written test and getting your driver’s license!

1. Read & study the Department of Motor Vehicles or Department Public Safety’s Driver Manual for your state.

Every question on your state’s written driver’s license test will be based on information in the driver handbook.

Before you even take a practice test, it’s a good idea to read through the handbook at least once. You’ll learn everything you need to know about traffic laws, driving safety, and more!

2. Take as many free online practice driver’s license tests as you need to.

After you’ve read the driving manual for your state, you’ll be ready to take some practice tests.

That’s where PuedoManejar.com comes in! We’ve set up our free online driver’s license practice tests to be easy to use learning tools. 

Our practice tests are based on information found in the driver’s manual in your state. You will see very similar questions on your real test, which makes PuedoManejar.com practice tests the perfect study tool.

We give you 15 multiple choice questions at a time, so that you can study in manageable chunks. You’ll get instant feedback as you take the test and you’ll be able to review the questions when you’re finished taking it.

Feel free to take the test as many times as you need to, each time you do 15 new test questions will be generated for you.

3. Schedule an appointment and visit the DMV to take your test.

After taking some of our practice tests, you’ll feel confident enough to pass the real written driver’s license test. Contact your local DMV office to schedule your test.

Before you know it, you’ll pass your test and you’ll be allowed to start driving. Congratulations!

And that’s it! With a little preparation and practice, you’ll pass your written permit test and you’ll be driving in no time. Happy studying and good luck!

Why PuedoManjar.com?

Puedomanejar.com was created for Spanish speakers living in the United States trying to get a driver’s license because it can be hard finding good resources to study in Spanish.

People liked our practice tests and resources so much, we’ve decided to offer resources in English as well – for the same reasons we started in the first place.

Your state’s online driver handbook is a good start, but sometimes it’s not enough.

Here at PuedoManejar.com, we believe that ALL drivers in the United States deserve the best study material and practices tests to help them pass their driving tests.

Our practice tests are designed to facilitate learning by combining instant feedback with questions directly based off of your state’s driving and traffic laws manual.

Each 15 question test is generated randomly from a large database, and you can take our tests as many times as you need to.

In addition to our free practice tests, we’ll provide you with links to your state’s driving manual as well as some tips on the next steps to taking your real test and getting your license.