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How to Pass Your CDL Written Tests


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One of the first steps towards getting your CDL license with the proper endorsements is passing the CDL written tests. 

The CDL tests are going to be a lot harder than your driver’s license test. There is a lot more information, and a lot of trucking-specific information and terminology that you need to know.

Use these 5 tips on this page to help you study for and pass your CDL written test on your first try. 

1. Download, Read, and Study Your State’s CDL Manual

The first step in passing your CDL written tests is downloading your state’s CDL manual and studying the appropriate section.

The key here is to really understand the material rather than just trying to memorize it. 

Read through the sections that apply to your CDL and endorsements you’ll be applying for. 

After that, go through the manual again and make yourself some notes or highlights to help you learn the information.

2. Take Online Practice Test

Go online to PuedoManejar.com and start taking some free online CDL practice tests.

These CDL practice tests will quiz you on questions and answers from the official CDL manual. 

After you finish each test, you’ll get to review which questions and topics gave you the most trouble.

With this information, you can go back to the CDL handbook and review the necessary sections. 

3. Consider Purchasing a CDL Study Guide or Taking a Training Course

If you’re having trouble preparing on your own, sometimes it can help to purchase an official study guide or sign up for a CDL prep-course. 

Resources like these will provide you with a more formal and structured way to prepare for your tests than if you were trying to do it on your own. 

You may even find that there’s a CDL school or training program near you that will help you prepare to take the written tests as well as the road test. 

4. Start Preparing Early

It’s foolish to think that you’re going to pass your CDL written test if you start cramming the night before. 

Give yourself at least a couple of months to study for and prepare for the test. 

Preparing for the CDL tests early will give you enough time to really learn and understand the material. 

This is important not only for passing your CDL written tests, but your road tests too. And beyond that, a lot of the information that’s tested on the CDL written test is important for being a safe trucker. 

5. Approach the CDL Test Like Any Other Major Test

It may have been a while since you’ve taken a real test, but you should approach the CDL written test like any other important exam. 

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare, as you get closer to test day, make sure you’re ready.

Get plenty of sleep the night before and make sure you’ll have everything ready to get to the testing office and take the test the next day. 

Stay calm and confident and don’t think about the time limit for your test. 

If you’ve given yourself enough time to study and prepare, you’re sure to pass on your first try. 

Good luck!

And remember, CDL practice tests online at PuedoManejar.com are always free!