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There’s a lot of information to process when it comes to applying for a CDL or testing for a new CDL endorsement.
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Most Popular CDL Guides

Check out the most popular guides related to your CDL.

How to Apply for a CDL

Learn all about the steps and requirements to apply for a commercial driver’s license in your state. Find out everything you need to know before you visit the DMV office.

CDL Endorsements & Classes​

Learn about the different types of CDL endorsements you’ll need and how to qualify.

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More CDL Topics

There’s a lot to know when it comes to applying for a commercial driver’s license. Get started with the topics below.


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CDL Glossary

CDL-related terms defined to help make understanding the CDL handbook a little easier.

CDL Test Tips

Find some tips on how to best prepare for your CDL written exams. Pass on your first try!


Questions and answers for your CDL written test. Find explanations to some of the most tricky topics.

CDL Training

Learn about the details and requirements for truck driver training school to take the next steps towards your CDL career.

Benefits of a CDL

Check out some of the top reasons to get a CDL and the perks of having one.

Slang & Lingo

Get to know some of the terms you’ll hear on the radio. These are words you won’t find in the CDL glossary.

Truck Accidents

Find some stats and facts regarding truck accidents. Learn how to avoid them.


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