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About PuedoManejar.com CDL

PuedoManejar.com was created to give Spanish speaking drivers in the United States the best free practice tests available. 

Shortly after we began, we found that people liked our tests so much, that we’ve decided to expand to include resources in English as well.

Seeing how our driver’s license practice tests have helped so many drivers, we decided to expand to include CDL tests as well.

Preparing for your state’s driver’s license written test can be stressful, whether or not English is your first language. CDL tests require even more preparation.

Many states provide online versions of the CDL handbook. And while that’s the first place you should start when preparing for your test, you’ll need some extra resources to help you pass. 

We’ve built our free practice tests based on information found in your state’s manual and CDL federal requirements – which is what the real tests are based off of. 

Our questions are designed to cover all the topics that might show up on your CDL written test so that you can feel confident and knowledgeable when you take it. 

We believe our practice test format is the best to facilitate learning and comprehension. You’ll be able to come back to our tests throughout the day.

We want you to learn! Use our practice tests however you need to. You can take them as many times as you’d like – you’ll get a new set of questions every time that you take it.

After the test, you’ll be able to review the questions and answers so that you’ll know what you need to study some more.

We believe you can pass your DMV driver’s license or CDL written test.

Our goals are simple really:

  1. Create free practice tests that are easy and fun to use. 
  2. Help you pass your written test on the first try.
  3. Make you a safer and smarter driver.

Thanks for visiting!

Do you have suggestions to help us improve the website or have you spotted an error? 

Contact us at examen@puedomanejar.com

Our Team

PuedoManejar.com is brought to you by a remotely-based team with a diverse background. We’re researchers, writers, developers, and educators with one goal in common: to help you pass your tests and to create safer drivers!