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CDL Practice Tests & Information by State

Which CDL Practice Tests Should I Take?

The CDL written tests you’ll need to take depend on the class of CDL you want to get and the types of endorsements you want to add.

CDL Practice TestWho Should Take it?Other Tests You’ll Need
General KnowledgeAll CDL applicants
Air BrakesThose who want to be authorized to drive CVs equipped with air brakes.General Knowledge
Combination VehiclesThose who want to drive CVs towing a trailer.General Knowledge, Air Brakes
Doubles/Triples CombinationsThose who want a T endorsement to pull 2 or 3 trailers in combination.General Knowledge, Air Brakes, Combination Vehicles
Tanker VehiclesThose who want an N endorsement to drive tanker vehicles or pull tanker trailers.General Knowledge, Air Brakes, Combination Vehicles
Hazardous MaterialThose who want an H endorsement to transport hazardous materials.General Knowledge
Tanker/Hazardous Materials CombinationThose who want an X endorsement to transport HAZMAT in tanker vehicles.General Knowledge, Tanker Vehicles, Hazardous Materials
PassengerThose who want a P endorsement to transport passengers in commercial buses.General Knowledge
School BusThose who want an S endorsement to drive a School Bus.General Knowledge, Passenger

All CDL applicants will first need to get their CLP (Commercial Learner’s Permit) by passing the General Knowledge Exam.

After that, the other tests you’ll need to take will depend on what type of CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle) you want to drive and what kind of job you want.

For many CDL employers, the minimum tests and endorsements required include:

  • General Knowledge.
  • Combination Vehicles.
  • Air Brakes.

If you plan to transport liquids, gasses, or hazardous materials, you’ll need to think about the following tests as well:

  • Hazmat Endorsement Test.
  • Tanker Vehicles Test.

To transport passengers or drive a school bus, study for:

  • CDL Passenger Test.
  • School Bus Endorsement Test.

Once you pass your tests, you’ll receive your CLP. This will allow you to enroll in truck driver training school in preparation for your behind-the-wheel exam.

Minimum CDL Requirements: How to Get Started

To qualify for a commercial driver’s license, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Be at least 18 years old.
  2. Hold a valid driver’s license for the state where you are getting a CDL.
  3. Complete a medical exam.
  4. Get fingerprinted.
  5. Complete a CDL application and provide proof of your identity, age, legal prescense, and residency.
  6. Pay the application and testing fees.
  7. Pass the necessary knowledge exams.
  8. Complete CDL training.
  9. Pass the necessary skills tests.

Create a Road Map for your CDL Career

In addition to passing your knowledge tests, you’ll also need to pass a skills test in the appropriate commercial vehicle for the Class and Endorsement you are applying for.

Classes and Endorsements for Commercial Driver’s Licenses

How to Apply for a CDL & State CDL Manuals

CDL Jobs & Paid Training Programs

CDL Glossary

CDL Questions & Answers

3 Easy Steps to Passing Your CDL Written Tests

Step 1: Read & study the CDL Manual for your state.

Every question on your state’s CDL knowledge test will be based on information in the CDL handbook.

Step 2: Take as many free CDL practice tests as you need to.

We’ve set up our free online practice tests to be easy to use learning tools. Use our practice tests to learn and exam mode to test your knowledge.

Step 3: Schedule an appointment and visit the DMV to take your test.

After taking some of our practice tests, you’ll feel confident enough to pass the real written CDL exam on your first try. Contact your local DMV office to schedule your tests.

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